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  • Jennifer Bowen

Elevate Your Image: Mastering the Headshot Session with 5 Easy Tips

headshot & branding photos in Scottsdale

Are you ready to elevate your professional image with some fresh headshots or personal branding images? Whether you're updating up your LinkedIn, overhauling your website, or just in need of some fresh content for social media, Jennifer has you covered.

Hate Having Your Photo Taken?

Jen understands that being in front of the camera can sometimes feel daunting. She is known for putting her clients at ease, and giving guidance on poses, styling and locations for approachable and naturally beautiful images.

Around the 1 week mark Jen will deliver your gallery of edited proofs, from which you can choose your favorite images for download, or make requests for additional touch ups. (See above for the # of images included).

personal branding photos

What to Wear & How to Prepare: Tips & Suggestions

  1. Choose Solid Colors: Opt for outfits in solid colors that complement your skin tone for a timeless look.

  2. Fit Matters: Wear clothes that fit well—not too tight, but not too loose. Choose newer items or freshly pressed, structured items that present nicely, nothing too washed or worn.

  3. Layers & Textures: Adding layers or textures can add depth to your photos. Blazers, sweaters, light jackets, scarves, ties and jewelry all work well to add visual interest to the photo.

  4. Accessories: Keep accessories simple. A statement piece can add personality, but don't let it overpower your face.

  5. Comfort is Key: Ultimately, if you're comfortable in what you're wearing, it will shine through in your photos, making you look more relaxed and confident. Try on what you are wearing beforehand (if its new) so you feel comfortable with how it looks, moves and feels.

📸🌵 Photo Examples & Inspiration

Photos taken in and around Old Town Scottsdale

Photos taken around DC Ranch

Ready to Book?

Let's capture some fresh & beautiful new portraits that truly represent you! Book here and let me know the date and time slot you prefer, package option and anything else you want to share and I'll shoot over an online booking agreement for you!

(If these dates dont work, please inquire about future dates. I typically schedule sessions 3-4x per month.)

🕒 Time Slots Available

📷 Session Details & Pricing

  • Duration & Cost:

  • Headshot Mini Session | 12-15 min session for $225

  • Brand Boost Session | 30 min session for $350

  • What's Included:

  • A gallery of edited proof images to browse through

  • Select your favorites for download (3 for the shorter session and 10 for the longer one).

  • Option to buy more ala carte from your gallery store





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