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Photography by Jennifer Bowen

Serving Scottsdale • Arizona • Destinations Worldwide​

Jennifer Bowen has been an Arizona wedding photographer since 2005, and has photographed hundreds of weddings around the country, and world. Her photographic style has always combined editorial-looking portraits with soulful, moment-driven candids, resulting in wedding photos that truly stand the test of time.


Images that will remind you how you felt on your wedding day. Photos that capture not just the pretty details you may invest thousands into, but the intangible, most important parts of the day: how you feel about each other, your chemistry and story, candids of your loved ones & friends who came to celebrate with you, as well as candids of those in-between fleeting moments that happen in a blink, but often end up meaning the most because they capture of the core of someone.

Soulful, real stuff.

Jennifer only books a handful of small weddings each year , but if you find you connect with her images and approach to documenting your wedding, please reach out and share as many details about your day & plans as you can. She would love to connect with you. 

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