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Suggestions for styling, grooming, clothing colors, and more.



Clothing choices and colors can really impact your headshot. Choose garments that you have tried on before, feel confident and comfortable in, and flatter your unique form.



Choose solids over busy patterns

  • Choose colors that look best on you and flatter your skin tone or eyes. Solids or very subtle patterns typically photograph best.

  • Neutral and soft colors are timeless, and bold jewel tones bring pop & energy

  • Avoid strong patterns like big stripes, color blocked shirts & busy animal prints as they pull attention away from your face. Avoid neon colors; they photograph weird.

  • Avoid super low cut necklines if you don't want to reveal cleavage, and sleeveless tops if you don't like your arms. 

Structure & Fit

  • Wear brand new, or nearly new clothing that is fresh, clean and pressed for best results. You can always leave the tag on new clothing if you are not sure you wont keep it.


  • Opt for fabrics that lay well, flatter your body type, and don't look sloppy or wrinkle easily, like linen.

  • Avoid boxy styles which can add the appearance of weight, and instead opt for garments that look more tailored to your form.

  • Avoid trends: Stick to classic styles that won't date your photos. Avoid anything too trendy or fashionable that might look outdated in a few years.



Layers for visual interest

  • Blazers, jewelry, sweaters, ties, scarves, jackets or vests can add visual interest to your headshots.

  • Accessories add interest as well. Many prefer to keep them on the more simple side, but if you love bling or statement pieces, please feel free to bring some options to choose from.

Clothing colors for headshots

  • Neutral tones such as gray, black, navy, white & soft pastels are timeless and universally flattering. They also allow for you face to be the main focal point.

  • Bold colors and jewel tones can really make your image pop and stand out. The only thing to keep in mind is that the clothing color will be the first thing people notice, followed by your face.


The importance of professional headshots should not be overlooked. Not only will you elevate your own personal brand and stand out in your field, with the right photographer you can authentically capture who you are and convey your uniqueness.

Grooming Tips


Makeup Tips for Headshots

  • The camera and lighting can wash you out a little, so slightly more makeup than normal, especially at your lash line, cheeks and lips, can help with this.  Aim for about 20% more than normal.

  • Pay special attention to your mascara and eyeliner and clean up any smudges.

  • Having your makeup professionally done is an option, or simply doing your own in natural light where you can see very well helps too.

  • See below for some great makeup tutorials that you can try at home.


Styling & Grooming Tips for Men

  • Men typically wear a button up with or without a tie, and a jacket.  Many prefer to do a shot with the jacket & tie, and a few without for variety.

  • Other looks that can work well are new t-shirts under blazers, or golf style shirts with a collar for a more casual look. Stick to solid options or subtle patterns for a more timeless look.

  • Some men have very wayward or bushy eyebrows that they notice more in the final photos. We recommend doing some light tweezing, or using water or hairspray, or a light gel, to groom the strays and neaten them up a little.


Hair Grooming Tips

  • Hair is the hardest thing to Photoshop, so for the fly-aways at the top of the head (the shorter broken or new hair growth we all get up there), using a pomade or soft gel or wax can help lay these down at the crown of the head.

  • ​Style your hair how you like it best. Most women wear the hair down for headshots.


  • Dark root regrowth on blonde highlighted hair is very difficult (if not impossible) to cover. Its ideal to schedule your session after your root touch ups, or use a product that helps to cover grays or regrowth. Color Wow makes one.


Finishing Touches

  • If you wear transition glasses that go dark in the sunlight, bring a back up non-transition pair if possible.


  • Your nails may show in the photos, so consider having them groomed or done prior.

  • Right before the photos, apply a fresh coat of lipstick/gloss, powder away any shine, brush your hair/ends, or hairspray your roots.

  • Schedule photos for after your highlights or root touch ups are done, if possible.


  • Men and women can put Visine into their eyes the morning of the shoot to help brighten and whiten them






Full lifestyle branding sessions are longer & allow for more outfit changes, backgrounds and looks. In this case, it can be helpful to bring several clothing options and Jennifer can help consult which looks/colors/outfits may help convey the vibe you are hoping to portray.

Team Photos with a Cohesive Look

When photographing smaller teams, you may consider having everyone coordinate by choosing 2-3 general colors to work from.

Though with larger groups, this may be difficult as individuals will want to wear specific colors that work best for them. 

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