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Scottsdale photographer Jennifer Bowen has been a professional photographer since 2005.  Her portraits are natural looking with an approachable lifestyle feel, resulting in images with a modern editorial style.  She photographs people of all ages and loves business branding portrait shoots.

Clients include: American Express, Mind Body Green, See it Sideways, Wells Fargo Advisors, Foursite Consulting, KOR Properties

 Dr. Amy Shah, MD, Arizona Opera singer Bille Bruley and more. Recently featured in Elle Magazine.



Expression is the key to a great portrait, but it's not the only ingredient impacting it. Nearly everyone says they don't like having their photo taken, and many rarely like photos of themselves, so you are not alone there. Jennifer will work with you prior to, and during, the shoot with posing, styling and grooming tips to help ensure the best possible outcomes.


While Snapchat filters can make us all look supercute with exaggerated beauty, Jennifer tries to keep the final processing and editing on the more natural side.  Your photos will look like you, but maybe just a slightly better version of you.  (You know, softened wrinkles and clean eyes, but not necessarily a completely different version of you).



Jennifer keeps her processing clean, well saturated and bright. This timeless approach helps ensure the longevity of the final product.


Jennifer primarily shoots portraits in natural light (including this one to the right), only filling in with artificial light when absolutely necessary to keep the image fresh, bright and naturally engaging. Her decade plus experience as an in-demand wedding photographer trained her to think quickly on her feet, find light and backgrounds in highly dynamic situations & new places, all while eliciting emotion & expression out of clients.

Images are taken with the top of the line equipment and lenses, by a professional who won't show up to your session in yoga pants.  Final images are high res, dynamic with posing and looks, and consistent in editing and feel.


Jennifer has been a professional photographer for more than a decade. Prior to owning and operating her own business, she worked in marketing & fundraising in the corporate and political worlds, bringing a diverse skill set to her business. 


She works from her home-based studio in Scottsdale to balance her career with family life, and does limit the number of projects she takes on each month to deliver the best possible service.

When not working, she can be found at her kids sports games, doing Pilates & yoga, playing Words with Friends, adding personal fine art images to her Print Shop, reading, or binge watching a TV show.  Family time with a movie and take out is her favorite way to spend a Friday night.






For one person  | 1-3 looks/outfit changes |  45-60 minutes

Outdoor, on-location settings

Two pricing options for indivduals

$325 - $500


*Option to include up to 3 people total - $400-$650







 15-min or 30-min"mini" Studio Headshot Sessions for one

Indoor, natural light studio space in Scottsdale (101 & Cactus)

Set dates & times 1x2 times per month


Click here for availale dates & details


*Option to rent the space for other dates- click link above



3-15 people   |  Your Location or Suggested off-site

Individual & Group photos

Pricing starts at $500 and is quoted/estimated

based on unique project needs.






10-125 people   |  Your Location   |  Upper torso headshots

Please inquire below for specific pricing based on number of people, location, project needs & more.







Editorial, lifestyle feel (natural light or fill light)

Please inquire with more details about your product or project.





Portrait sessions for individuals or teams less than 3 people. Popular option for authors, realtors, public speakers & more.


We spend approximately an hour getting a range of looks for you, or split the time between total people involved.  Sessions start at $325 and include a web gallery of approx 30-50 proof images, five (5) complimentary images from the session to keep, with the option to buy more ala carte. Inquire below for more details and availability.

For groups ranging from 4-100 people. Includes upper body business portraits for each person, photographed at your location, and edited with consistency for a cohesive look.


Each person will receive approx 3-4 images to choose from in a private gallery of the entire company set.  May also include full team or breakout team photos. Sessions are customized depending on total number of people, location, photo needs and more.  Please inquire for more details.

Creative, lifestyle photo shoots for branding photography, website or social media content imagery, editorial or commercial projects and more.  These shoots can range from 1-6 hours (or multiple days) depending on collaboration needs, models or vendors involved, project scope and more.


These shoots typically require a phone consult to discuss the full scope. Please inquire below, and provide as many details about your project as possible to get the ball rolling.


Choose colors that look best on you and flatter your skin tone. We recommend solids or very subtle patterns.

Neutral colors (like grays, ivory, black and navy) are timeless but soft colors and

jewel tones can work great too.

Avoid strong patterns like bold stripes, color blocked shirts & busy animal prints as they pull attention away from your face. Avoid neon colors; they photograph weird.

Avoid super low cut necklines if you don't want to reveal cleavage, and sleeveless tops if you don't like your arms.  Showing too much skin can steal attention from your face, and may bug you over the long term.


The camera and lighting can wash you out, so we typically recommend slightly more makeup up than normal, especially at your lash line, cheeks and lips. But keep it so you are comfortable with your look.

For hair fly-aways and broken root pieces, we recommend hair spray or light weight gel to lay these down at the crown of the head. Back lighting can illuminate them and they are very difficult to Photoshop out.

Pay special attention to your mascara and eyeliner and clean up any smudges.

Put Visine in your eyes the morning of the shoot to make them brighter and less red.


Men typically wear a button up with or without a tie, and a jacket.  Many prefer to do a shot with the jacket & tie, and a few without for variety.

We recommend putting Visine in your eyes the morning of the shoot to help with redness and broken arteries.

Some men have very wayward or bushy eyebrows that they notice more in the final photos. We recommend using water or hairspray, or a light gel, to groom the

strays and neaten them up a little.


The camera loves layers, so jackets, scarves or statement necklaces can add a lot of visual interest to a photo.

Your nails may show in the photos, so consider having them groomed or done prior.

Right before the photos, apply a fresh coat of lipstick, powder away any shine, and comb your hair, or hairspray your roots.

Schedule photos for after your highlights or root touch ups are done to avoid having to redo photos.  Also, best to not try a brand new hairstyle before a photo shoot. Keep it how you typically wear it and like it best (although we recommend down verses tight buns or loose low ponytails).



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