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  • Jennifer Bowen

Headshots & Branding Photos in Scottsdale | Phoenix AZ Portrait Photographer

Year round I photograph headshots and branding images for clients from all over the valley. I do most of my outdoor shoots at one of three locations - this being one of them in North Scottsdale.

The reason I do so many here is that I know how the light behaves and hits certain areas at specific times of the day, and know lots of great nooks and crannies in the area that give a wide variety of backgrounds, for even the quickest of sessions.

I currently offer clients one of 3 options for individual headshots:

  1. Quick 10-15 min sessions when you just need upper torso, standard headshots in one outfit. We'll stick to about 2 backgrounds and keep these pretty face focused for you. If you are short on time, and only need 10-15 images to choose from, this is for you.

  2. 30-Minute sessions that allow for about 3-5 backgrounds, more variety and some more "lifestyle" branding type photos. If you are quick changer, you can two 2 looks. This will result in about 30 images to choose from.

  3. Full branding sessions (these could range from 50-80 minutes) depending on how many looks you want (outfits). There is honestly enough to work with in this location that it would give you a wide range of content and looks for your marketing and branding efforts.

If you found this blog post online and missed the detailed branding page with pricing and how to contact me to book, or have a more elaborate session inquiry, please click here.

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