Headshot Photographer in Scottsdale, AZ


Quick Session Headshots


Jennifer frequently uses two outdoor spots in the Scottsdale area (north & south) for these quick headshot sessions. All sessions are done in the morning (Tues-Fri when avail) between 7:30 AM and 9:00 AM due to the heat and lighting.


The package price includes:

  • 10-15 minute headshot portrait session for one person

  • These are for quick, one look/outfit upper torso shots only

  • Online gallery of approx 10 image proofs and you can select 3 favorites for full retouch & download rights

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Quick Sesion Headshots


Once a quarter, Jennifer rents an indoor photo studio in Scottsdale (photos below) and sets up several mini sessions back to back.  When available, the date will be posted here. It is rented on a per-use basis and not available at all times.


The package price includes:

  • 15-20 minute headshot portrait session for one person

  • Usage of the natural light, AC equipped indoor studio in Scottsdale (101 & Cactus)

  • Online gallery of approx 12-15 image proofs and you can select 3 favorites for full retouch & download rights


Scottsdale headshot photographer Jennifer Bowen reserves this studio space from another owner

on a per-use basis.


The natural light studio is a professionally converted external garage & shop on private property at the major crossroads of the 101 Freeway & Cactus Road in Scottsdale.


It has its own separate entrance and gravel parking lot. It comes equipped with AC, a kitchen, bathroom, sitting area, and natural light studio with various backgrounds, textures, and paper backdrops -- all pictured.

The walls are white and can also be used. 


The entire interior space can hold up to 12 people at a time in the sitting and kitchen area.

These studio mini sessions are intended for 1 person at a time, possibly up to 2 or 3, but additional fees may apply.  


Please inquire here if you are interested in booking Jennifer for headshots or a personal branding portrait sessions in this space outside of the session times available above.  Jennifer can quote you on the studio rental fee and availability for both Jennifer Bowen and the space.