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  • Jennifer Bowen

Surprise Proposal in the Sunkissed Arizona Desert

A surprise proposal 💍with an adorable dog, plus some killer light and views for days equaled one fun photoshoot with Aaron & Janelle! The details of how this day came together, how Aaron involved Gunner their dog, and adding in the bonus surprise Janelle didnt see coming at all!

Aaron reached out to me well over a month ago saying he wanted to propose to his long time girlfriend Janelle. All he knew for sure was that he wanted to ideally include their "baby" - adorable Gunner. Because they had never taken photos together in their 5 years, he thought it might be nice to schedule a "5-year anniversary photoshoot" for them, and then he would propose when the lighting was ideal. So I suggested a great location with killer views, and then we coordinated how to hide the ring, how to involve Gunner in the process and much more. He even tried to throw her off by having me "reschedule the shoot" hoping she wouldn't think anything big was happening this day :-) So we started the first half of the shoot just taking couples photos with and without Gunner. Here are some of my favs pre-proposal:

Then when the light was just right, I gave Aaron our cue and he got the ring and sign for Gunner.

And then, as the sun was setting, and at a pre-determined time, Janelle's 3 best friends from Florida (who had just flown in), plus her soon to be mother-in-law & father-in-law arrived with champagne and hugs to congratulate the couple. Even if she had an inkling that the proposal "might" happen sometime soon, she was not aware that Aaron had coordinated with them to also surprise her!

It was an exciting day for this cute couple and one I know they will never forget. It was honor to photograph this special day & event for them! Congratulations Aaron & Janelle!





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