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  • Jennifer Bowen

Family Portrait Locations in Scottsdale, Arizona

I have been taking photos of families in this general location for at least 12 years now and yes -- it's completely overrun with photographers and far too crowded in the fall when holiday portrait taking is at its peak for families, however the reason it's so popular is because it's so varied with backgrounds and easy to get to. It offers something for everyone from green and lush to rustic architecture to floral (in the spring) to desert and more. In November on any given weekend, there will literally be lines waiting for certain spots, so I like to go off into my more of my hidden gems when its that busy.

You will see some duplication in a few of these storyboards below because I've been compiling them over the years and tried to balance different colors and times of the year these were taken, but the vast majority are from the fall. You can wear pretty much any color palette here (or dress up or opt for more casual outfits) and there are different spots that will complement your outfits. But you can see how different outfits and colors work here for your family photos clothing planning inspiration.

And a few of my favorite black and white photos from the area.





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