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  • Jennifer Bowen

Beautiful desert sunset photos with the Emerson family in Scottsdale

family photo in the beautiful desert at sunset
Family portraits by Scottsdale photographer Jennifer Bowen

I loved meeting this adorable family last week for their family portraits in Scottsdale. Sweet little Miss H was feeling a little shy around me and took some time to warm up, but I think we ended up getting some pretty cute photos of them and this special stage in their life.

Tip: If you have toddlers and are expecting that "perfect family photo" I like to suggest its best to try and go with the flow and keep your sense of humor during the process :-) Its hard work being one, two and three years old! I do try and make it fun for them and allow littles to warm up to me in their own time, which is why longer lifestyle sessions can often be a better fit verses quick mini sessions, especially for children who are more shy or just need more time to warm up.

This family was so easy going -- and I love how the lighting worked so well with their beautiful mix of colors and outfits. Here are some of my favorites!





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