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  • Jennifer Bowen

Mother Daughter Photo Shoot in Palm Springs, California

"You are stronger than you believe. You have greater powers than you know." — Antiope to daughter Diana, from the movie Wonder Woman

Last week I attended a photography conference called Photo Native in Palm Springs. It's a smaller gathering that appealed to me as it seemed to be a space for more established photographers looking to reignite their creativity, find solutions to burnout, meet new creatives & artists, and just be real about this ever changing industry. There were lots of talented and inspiring photographers from all different genres (commercial, food, families, editorial and wedding), very little ego, and many interesting photo shoots available to try new things or gain new inspiration.

I chose to do two shoots that spoke the most to me:: 1) Capturing the mother-child relationship because as a mother with two children, this of course speaks deeply to my heart and is something I have long loved to capture -- and 2) a fashion meets editorial styled shoot by the pool at the Ace Hotel where we stayed because I would like to do more of this in the future. Both were wonderful experiences and I'm so glad I invested in them.

This mother-daughter portrait session was styled by photographer Twyla Jones. This real mom (Sara) and her 7 year old daughter are friends of Twyla's, and I loved her super natural, boho style. She reminded us all of Jessica Biel a little, and I definitely see a little Robin Wright in her too. I love the emotion and connection that I was able to capture in this spectacular location that we were extremely lucky to shoot in. And that California light is about as soft and buttery as it gets!

Photo instructor & Stylist: @somethingrad

Real life model: @smileysara22

Child's dress: @joyfolie

These photos are by me. @jennifer_bowen_az

It was fun to play with the harsh bright light and deep shadows as well -- not as much my usual style to the brighter and lighter way I typically shoot, but I do love how these turned out. Thank you Twyla for creating such a great photo shoot for us and taking us to this epic location!




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