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  • Jennifer Bowen

Lifestyle branding portraits for entrepreneurial women - Kim's headshots & editorial photo s

Women entrepreneurs unite! Kim is a friend that I met inside the photography world over a decade ago. We built our photography businesses up around the same time, navigating many of the growing pains and successes that working moms and hustling photographers can experience along the way. Managing full schedules, teams of employees and associate photographers, and juggling the work load that comes with a full roster of clients, thousands of photographs to edit and all the many hats that any business owner has to wear -- all while raising kids and keeping our respective homes running (like all you other #BossMoms out there!)

Around 2008, we joined forces and started offering photography workshops to aspiring (and experienced) shutterbugs and hosted those in our photography studios for several years. Eventually after more than a decade of shooting weddings and families full time, we each found ourselves wanting to slow down and pursue some other paths and spend more time with our families, so we put the workshops on hold, and moved on other things. I slowed down on the weddings and took a little less work each year and Kim actually took a full year off of photography all together.

About three years ago, after Kim had her second child, she reached a point where she knew she wanted to make some significant changes to her health. She changed her relationship with food, changed the way she ate, and subsequently lost about 80 pounds -- and her journey was pretty inspiring to watch. (You can read her story here).

As a result of all the lifestyle changes she made and how great it made her feel, she found herself wanting to help others make positive changes too -- and has been doing that ever since. She is now back to taking photos for clients again, but her main focus these days is serving as a health coach and daily inspiration source for those looking to make a similar change in their own lives. It's been so great witnessing her transformation these past few years and watching her reach new goals and dreams.

A few weeks back, we got together to take these updated headshots lifestyle branding images for her and her website. She wanted very casual, with a lifestyle vibe, in vacation looking attire, and some with her camera, some in workout clothing and some photos of her working at her laptop - all to represent all she does. We had fun getting a wide range of looks for her -- and here are some more favorite from that morning shoot!




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