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  • Jennifer Bowen

What to Wear for Senior Photos - The Guys Edition

I have had the chance to photograph lots of seniors recently and here I wanted to feature some photoshoots with graduating senior boys (young men!).

Parents often ask about what their son's should wear and my advice is to keep it pretty simple with 1) something solid, 2) something patterned and/or something that captures who they are at this stage in life. You will likely keep some of these photos in frames forever because of this huge milestone in their life (and yours).

Suggestions include:

  • A button down with a t-shirt underneath for a simple and quick change from nicer to more casual

  • A sweatshirt or hoodie with jeans since teens pretty much live in these

  • Some dress up into suits

  • Many teens also wear a t-shirt or sweatshirt from the college they are planning to attend

  • Some bring their school jersey from their beloved sport; others bring instruments they play

  • And some bring their cap and gown if they already have it

Senior photos with teenage boys typically last about 45 minutes since the majority of guys don't love taking photos longer than that, and with me, we get a ton of photos in that time. If they are changing a couple of times, or we are walking around a downtown area like Old Town Scottsdale, the session may take be a little longer.

Here are some ideas for colors, outfits and poses for #senior guys. You can find links for senior girls at the bottom of this post.

Keep it simple & clean. A solid long sleeve t-shirt that is new, washed and wrinkle free for a timeless look.

A gingham (or other pattern like plaid) button down

Solid neutral polo to keep the eye drawing to the face first.

A favorite lived in sweatshirt that captures who they are at this stage in their life.

If your teen plays an instrument, you can definitely bring that to capture their passion

Some dress up

Charcoal gray is also universally flattering and a tad softer than black. It works beautifully for both color and BW images.

Their sports jersey if they play a sport:

A nicer crisp button down for a cleaned up look:

College t-shirts and sweatshirts

Cap and gown

Basic t-shirts that capture who they are.

No matter what they wear, I always try and capture who they are at their core.





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