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  • Jennifer Bowen

Waikiki Family Beach Photo Session with the Marcos Family

My family and I vacationed in O'ahu this past July (I posted a few photos to Instagram of our time there) and during our last day I was able to photograph the Marcos family. Their son and my son go to school together and when we learned our travel dates were overlapping, and they wanted some updated family photos, we thought: lets do them in Hawaii!

It had been sunny almost every day there except this particular day, but I'm kinda loving the moodier skies. Neither of us had long term rental cars (holy expense!), so we opted to do them near our hotel and their condo, so these are from Waikiki Beach. I love taking family photos on the beach, and anytime we vacation on or near one, I typically try and fit a family or two in. You can see more family photos on the beach in California, Oregon and Florida at the end of this post. :-)

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