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  • Jennifer Bowen

Love & Light: Beautiful Home Portrait Session with this Adorable Family

I'm so thrilled Jenn found me online to take their family photos. Their beautiful home with amazing natural light and decor, coupled with these gorgeous faces made for one adorable family photo shoot! And can we talk about Little Man's perfect 'lil mohawk?! Love!

Planning tip: If you have a lot of light decor, and you love bright, fresh, airy-looking photos such as these, you can also wear light colors such as white, light gray, blush or other light pastels. It helps reflect the light back into your faces and around the room. Lots of windows with natural light streaming into the room also definitely helps. And then declutter the spaces to keep the focus on just simple decor and simple outfits.

I don't know if the Universe is bringing more King Charles Cavalier owners into my life, but I will take it! They are the sweetest pups who love on their people all day long.

For photographers: Entire session captured in natural light with the Canon 5DMark4 and the Canon 50mm 1.2 lens.

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05 ก.ค. 2565

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