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The Art of Connection



Since my humble beginnings in 2004, when photography grabbled ahold of me, I have been striving to create images that have soul. By this, I mean I want my work to tell a story, or convey a feeling. Ultimately, I want to produce a body of work that draws people in.


Our lives are comprised of big moments and thousands of tiny moments in between. I'm most interested in what love and connection means to us and what the people in our lives mean to us. How we connect to and with other humans, our own selves, and the world around us. The thousands of little stories we all have to share.

What I have always loved about black and white photography is that it isolates emotion. It has the power to distill an image down to it's root. Not everything is better in black and white, but some images are.


These images span the past 15 years of my work. Some are blurry and far from "perfect" but if they are in here, something about that image made me feel something and speaks to me still. I'd love to know which ones you like as well?

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