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Business portraits & creative branding photography with a natural, lifestyle vibe

Scottsdale, Arizona based headshot photographer Jennifer Bowen offers relaxed yet professional business portraits for a number of areas: marketing, social media, books, websites, email communication, products and more. If you need relaxed yet professional head shots or editorial / lifestyle content for just a few people -- or consistent looking business portraits for a larger team -- Jennifer can come to your place of business and provide naturally-lit finished images for each person.

Pricing is customized based on your project needs.

Creative Branding & Lifestyle Photography

For entrepreneurs seeking creative and natural looking photography for their marketing campaigns or Instagram feeds, Jennifer offers creative branding photography with some editorial styling. Sessions can be done at your place of business or another location to provide you with a large amount of professionally composed, lit and edited imagery.  This could include shots of you working, interacting with clients, product stills, or lifestyle / street style candid photography. These shoots last anywhere between 1-6 hours depending on what is needed, and require some planning and collaboration. Pricing depends on the scope and Jennifer can recommend professional stylists, videographers, hair & makeup if need be.


We would love to hear more about your project. Reach out and say hello!




These sessions are for 1-4 people and best for small companies, authors, realtors, etc. We capture a wider range of shots, multiple outfits if desired and any overall concepts you may be going for (ie., communicating a health & wellness lifestyle, or celebrating the release of a new book, cooking, etc.), your place of business or minimal product shots. Sessions start at $325 and include 4-5 high res images

(per person) to keep, with the option

to add more.



For groups ranging from 5-100 people. These sessions focus on upper body headshots of each person and include 3-5 finished images of each person in the group. On average, each person takes about 3-5 minutes to photograph and includes different facial angles.


These sessions are best for companies with busy professionals who want consistency across their team photos.

Product images, groups shots or office photos can be added in as well.  Sessions can be customized to unique company needs. Please inquire for a project quote.

- what to wear for your portraits -


  • Choose colors that look best on you and flatter your skin, eyes and hair color. Bright/bold colors will pop more and generally attract more attention.  If you opt for brighter colors, jewel tones are typically recommended.

  • Neutral colors that are timeless and work universally well are ivory, dark gray, light gray, navy, and black.  For men, the classic pale blue or white dress shirt works well with most jackets and ties.

  • Lighter colors can lend to a more airy and whimsical look, but shouldn't wash you out. For a professional look, we suggest conservative necklines, long or 3/4 sleeves and layers (jackets over blouse). For longer individual sessions, most people change at least once and are welcome to bring several options for styling input.


  • Layers such as jewelry, scarves, jackets and ties can add visual interest to your photo.

  • Avoid heavy textures that may add weight, and be wary of linen which wrinkles very easily. 

  • Solid colors or subdued, smaller patterns work best.

  • Horizontal stripes add weight and accentuate the chest and busy patterns tend to pull your eye to that first in a photo.

  • Busy patterns with lots of colors, or color blocked tops are not typically recommended as they pull attention away from the face.


  • We typically suggest females opt for slightly more makeup than they normally wear and to have your makeup as fresh as possible.

  • For hair flyaways, and broken root pieces, we recommend hairspray or a light flattening pomade to lay down the root hairs on the top of the head.

  • Nails may show in certain photos, so best to have those looking groomed or done.

  • For longer sessions, we recommend bringing: lipstick or gloss, face powder for shine control, a comb or brush and hairspray.

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